Discordianism is a religion masked as a complicated joke or possibly a complicated joke masked as a religion. Who knows…but won’t tell.


What do we know about Discordianism?


A Greek goddess, Eris (Discordia for the Romans) is a central figure in Discordianism – where ever that centre happens to be located between the Pineal Gland and Ohio. Eris is the goddess of discord and confusion. She was the one to cause confusion at a wedding party held by Zeus on the Olympos a long long time ago. It was a revenge for not inviting Eris. This incident was followed by – according to a legend – the Troyan war (or according to another legend, the withdrawal of the Greco-Roman gods from the lives of the humans) and the myth and symbol of the golden Καλλίστη-apple (Kallisti is Greek and means To the Prettiest).


As times have passed, mankind seems to have turned more and more towards order and through stupidity it has tried to order disorder and chaos away from its life. Some individuals think it is time to honor disorder as it should be honored and in Discordianism one idea is to create as much confusion in the surrounding world as possible to counterweight all the order that’s gotten out of control.


Principia Discordia is an important work of art for the Discordians, but they have also created many other sacred texts, habits, beliefs and theories about The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.




What do we not know about Discordianism?


The Discordians mostly stick apart, so Discordianism is a religion highly defined (or not) by the individual. It can include a variety of confusion and the confusion may sometimes be exclusively varied. Hot Dog buns are not to be eaten on Thursdays nor on Fridays, so a Discordian in her early Illumination is required to eat her Hot Dogs mainly on Thursdays or Fridays. The High and Mighty Lolcabbage is a Local Radical and the zebra(giraffe) naturally has a long neck. 5 = 6 and 2+3=5. This is Mathematics for the Enlightened.


Everything is true, even false things are true. Principia Discordia is not a book and it won’t be readable at http://www.principiadiscordia.com unless the Internet is switched on the frequency of the Pineal Gland – or the Pineal Gland to the frequency of the Internet, depending on which one is more or less affordable according to the current tax-rates and cost policies.


A Discordian Shall Always use the Official Discordian Document Numbering System.


A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing What she Reads.





There is one fnord in this document. Can you see it?